GBG 2025 and Pubs/Club of the Year 2023 Voting Form

The Good Beer Guide is CAMRA’s book that is published annually with a list of the top-rated pubs throughout the country for good quality beer as decided by local CAMRA members.
We are now in the process of collecting the votes of Doncaster & District branch members and by clicking on the links below you can access a list of all the eligible pubs in the Doncaster and District area for possible entry into the Good Beer Guide and the various Pubs/Clubs of the Year.

You can also access a digital voting form to vote for:
1. Pubs that you think should go into the next Good Beer Guide.
2. Your first and second choice for the Doncaster Pub of the Year award.
3. Your first and second choice for the Doncaster District Pub of the Year award.
4. Your first and second choice for the |Doncaster and District Cider Pub of the Year award.

5. Your first and second choices for the Doncaster and District Club of the Year

You are allowed a maximum number of votes for pubs in each area. You must have drunk at least a half pint of real ale in the pub in the last 6 months in order to vote for a pub.
The results will be announced early in the new year after a validation process to ensure all the winning pubs meet the standards set by CAMRA to be eligible to go into the Good Beer Guide or become one of our various Pubs of the Year.

Please view the breakdown list first of pubs you can vote for the GBG by area and any of our other annual awards if you are using the submit form below. You will not need this if you are using the word document..

List of pubs

You can either vote using the form below the line which ‘says you can vote electronically below’ and pressing submit or you can download a word document to your computer, saving it on your computer and then do either of the following.

  1. Email the form to
  2. Print it and post it to CAMRA Branch Chairman, 15 Newstead Road, Scawthorpe, Doncaster DN5 9JS
  3. Print it and bring it to the AGM at the Hallcross pub on the 10th November at 7.30pm.
Word document voting form

Voting will close at midnight on the 10th November 2023. You can vote electronically below.